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HarmoniMD has shown itself to be a well-developed & highly integrated eco-system that will enable us to elevate the level of healthcare at KCMC to paperless, less costs, faster process, and better documentation.

Manasseh Mwanswila, Director of Medical Records & HarmoniMD Project Manager
Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre 
Moshi, Tanzania

THE NEW HARMONIMD SYSTEM AT MATATA HOSPITAL  In the past, the hospital management and the staff have been dreaming, thinking and yearning for an informative system that would help in the transmission of the patient requests, results, prescription and the storage of patient information across the hospital and also to enable easy access to the information by the management and any other authorized person. This was finally met when the HarmoniMD system was finally introduced months ago and since its introduction, the hospital management and the medical staff have seen its long-awaited benefits and importance as far as transmission of the patient’s detailed information is concerned and the keeping of this data. We hope that all this will not only be beneficial to the staff but to all our stakeholders.

Stanley Otieno, Laboratory Matata Nursing Hospital
Matata Nursing Hospital
Oyugis, Kenya

eHealth Records International,Inc. (EHRI) is not only a highly professional and technically competent company, but it is also a company with integrity that invests in projects with care and consideration for the specific needs of each healthcare center. Global Partners for Development has seen great results at Matata Hospital in Kenya because the software is intuitive and easy to use and the EHRI staff committed many days of time both on location and via email to support the staff through the transition. We have been very happy with how available and qualified the staff at EHRI are and hope to partner with EHRI again in the very near future.

Amy Holter  Director of Programs & Evaluation
Global Partners for Development     
Rohnert Park, California, USA

Working with eHealth Records International, Inc. has made the implementation of our EHR an extremely positive experience. We are opening a new cancer center in a large referral hospital in Tanzania. EHRI has been so receptive to the specific challenges that accompany establishing an EHR in a resource-constrained environment. However, an outsider would not be able to tell that HarmoniMD is the “affordable” option: the interface is very user-friendly, the staff are remarkably responsive to e-mail, and customized features for the system can be built within a few days, or even hours. EHRI not only is able to do everything we ask to make our customized EHR the best it can be, but they also hold us accountable; if we go a few days or weeks without making contact, we will receive a very kind e-mail reminding us of their services. This allows us to stay on a timeline to ensure our EHR is complete and functioning upon the opening of the clinic.

Having experienced slow turnaround times and lack of communication that can occur with other EHR companies, EHRI seems almost too good to be true. The highlight of the company is the staff. All of the staff members are true pleasures to work with—one even got in an hour early to work to Skype with us just to be able to accommodate the time difference between our two countries. They are open-minded, but realistic: they help us create features that are appropriate to our needs, but also are easy to use in the HarmoniMD interface.

Ultimately, I would highly recommend HarmoniMD to anyone seeking a high quality EMR with exceptional customer support systems, regardless of budget.

Meghan Howell
The Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania
Edina, Minnesota, USA

After using HarmoniMD & HarmoniMobile™ the following comments are true about the system:

  • It is a very easy, powerful Electronic Health Management application program.
  • User friendly.
  • Patient data capturing section is detailed, wonderful and accurate.
  • Patient data security is well taken care of.
  • The doctors have an easy time analyzing patient problems, as all the patient history is well displayed/presented.
  • The Laboratory Department enjoys recording results after analysis.
  • The program is easy to implement in phases, without interfering with the old system while the implementation is in process.
  • Reports are easy and well-displayed.

Nandi Onyango,  IT Director & HarmoniMD Project Manager
Matata Nursing Hospital
Oyugis, Kenya

Our Physical Therapists say HarmoniMobile™ is the fastest and easiest documentation system for hospital-based Rehabilitation. The therapists love using the software because we are able to adapt the documents to the changing needs of our department, adding new evidence-based information as the data becomes available. The ability to be partners in development increases Medicare compliance which results in higher patient safety and improved reimbursement.

Yvette Chass, Rehabilitation Services Manager
Sonoma West Medical Center 
Sebastopol, California, USA

eHealth Records International, Inc. has been a wonderful partner in initiating HarmoniMD at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center. Their staff have made two visits on-site, and maintain continuous contact to ensure smooth implementation. They have a strong and durable commitment to successful roll-out, and ultimately the system will transform the Medical Center.

John A. Bartlett, MD,  Professor of Medicine, Global Health and Nursing, Duke University
Associate Director for Research, Duke Global Health Institute   
Durham, North Carolina, USA

Sonoma West Medical Center is a 35-bed public hospital with an active emergency room and with a 5-bed ICU. We opened our doors coming out of bankruptcy in November, 2015. One of the reasons for being able to turn around is the ECONOMY of the HarmoniMD/HarmoniMobile™ System compared to Epic, Cerner, Meditech, McKesson and others. I have used all of the EMRs mentioned, and I prefer HarmoniMD/ HarmoniMobile™ for these reasons:

  • It is set up like a Hospital Chart with tabs. It makes clinical sense with a format I am accustomed to use.
  • It comes in 2 versions: The desktop HarmoniMD version like other EMRs; and the pocket size Android Tablet HarmoniMobile™ version like no other EMR.

– I can use HarmoniMobile™ to check on lab data, images, clinical notes and patient status anytime and anywhere.
– I can use HarmoniMD to admit and discharge patients conveniently when not at the hospital.

Recently I visited a patient in the SWMC ER with the on-site Telemedicine Robot, did a detailed H&P, reviewed laboratory data and viewed diagnostic images while a FRONT SEAT PASSENGER BEING DRIVEN FROM SAN FRANCISCO TO SEBASTOPOL. When I arrived at the hospital, my work was completed thanks to my pocketsize HarmoniMobile™.

  • I bill with the ICD 10 problem list generated in real time taking care of patients. This ongoing process adds to completeness and accuracy of diagnoses which are critical for proper billings and subsequent Medicare and other payments.
  • Using Dragon Speech with HarmoniMD, I can make all entries without typing. From the admission H&P to the Discharge Summary, I can dictate everything.
  • I have customized Order Sets ranging from a General Medical Admission, to Severe Sepsis with Shock, to Diabetic Ketoacidosis, and more. I can update as needed.
  • When I see the need for a change in HarmoniMD/HarmoniMobile™, I can call the Clinical Support Person and it is done! With Cerner, Epic, and the others, this never happened in less than several months if ever. HarmoniMD/HarmoniMobile™ improves weekly!

James Gude, MD,  Medical Director, Sonoma West Medical Center
Clinical Professor of Medicine and of Family and Community Medicine, University of California-San Francisco
Sebastopol, CA, USA