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About MedWave Software Solutions

MedWave Software Solutions is dedicated to improving world health through affordable cloud computing. We offer an unparalleled solution to manage all aspects of clinical and facility operations, improving the quality of care and financial performance in complex hospital and outpatient environments.

HarmoniMD™, our flagship product, is a disruptive technology that reinvents the Electronic Health Record (EHR) as a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution sold as Software as a Service (SaaS). By delivering an intuitive interface that requires little training and runs on inexpensive tablets and netbook computers, HarmoniMD is able to be budget positive for almost any hospital or clinic in the world by saving the costs of processing paper records.

Central to this disruption is the fact that MedWave Software Solutions has developed innovative technologies with a small team of outstanding software engineers. This team has rigorously adhered to these core principles—

The product must:

  1. provide full clinical management in all departments
  2. be reasonably priced
  3. be accessible over cell networks and low bandwidth WIFI
  4. be flexible enough to work anywhere in the world
  5. allow doctors and nurses to function with minimal training on low-cost mobile devices
  6. adapt to the unique workflows of each site
  7. display different functions based on user role
  8. make reports as easy to interpret as possible

Our solution replaces expensive server-based EMR software (reaching into the multi-millions for hospitals) with software hosted in the cloud at a fraction of the price, while maintaining the highest clinical data management standards and offering functionalities that would otherwise not be available.

Dual Goals: Improved Financial Health, Improved Patient Care

Since an organization’s financial health is critical for sustaining improved patient care, HarmoniMD addresses both of these goals simultaneously. Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution provides a variety of robust management tools for financial health. This includes streamlined inventory control, purchasing and receiving; requisition and supplier management; patient billing; and reporting and trend analysis.

Through our EHR (Electronic Health Record) solution, HarmoniMD provides doctors and nurses with medical best practices and clinical decision support tools for every medical process. Not only do these improve clinical efficiency, they contribute directly to better patient outcomes at every level. Our unique Electronic Clinical Document (ECD) technology replaces any paper form with a dynamic electronic interface, allowing for pre-selected order sets, annotatable diagrams, mathematical calculations, educational information and much more. Read about the benefits of ECDs.

All HarmoniMD features, many of which are not found in other systems, have been developed to improve workflows for both administrative and clinical staff. Because we adapt our system to reflect facility workflows, it is probably the easiest system to learn and deploy. HarmoniMD facilitates the efficient management and delivery of all aspects of the care experience, while improving documentation, processes, and standards compliance.

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