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HarmoniMD™ is unique in that it began as a clinical solution for physicians working in telemedicine to address specific clinical needs. As we grew beyond the physician-specific telemedicine market into hospitals and clinics, we pursued feedback from nurses and other clinical staff, such as physical therapists, to address their unique clinical needs. We also sought input from administrators struggling with the many pressing challenges of managing clinical care. This vast range of expertise has been leveraged to build, test, and refine a system that elegantly solves the critical challenges facing hospitals and clinics today, from patient care to medical billing and management.

Our company grew with socially responsible investing. Dan Smith , our Chairman & CEO, wanted to leverage his expertise in both software and hospital management to make a difference in the world. When OffSite Care Resources, a telemedicine company, decided to spin off their EHR system into a separate software company, Dan embraced the opportunity to invest in and lead MedWave Software Solutions.

Under MedWave Software Solutions, HarmoniMD has grown into a complete hospital and clinic management system including both EHR and ERP solutions.

MedWave Software Solutions, Inc. is a California “C” corporation. We welcome other socially responsible investors to join us in our mission to improve global health.